Contest of Teaching Skills


COURSE AIM: enhance cooperation of teachers of Russian as a foreign language.


  • International teachers of Russian as a foreign language working in Chinese universities
  • Masters and postgraduate students majoring in Philology (area of expertise in Russian as a foreign language)


  • Share experience in relation to the use of best practices and efficient technologies when teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • Identify and encourage the best teachers of Russian as a foreign language, share their best practices and efficient forms and methods of work


The contest committee is formed from highly-qualified academic staff of the University and universities in the partner network of Pushkin Institute Сentres.


  • This is an absentia competition and it is held in the MOOC SUSU system.
  • Periodicity and duration of the contest

The contest is held among participants of the professional development course “Creating a Russian as a Foreign Language Online Course” in accordance with the class schedule on the basis of the Rector’s order.


  • The contest participants are registered automatically after their enrolment on the professional development course “Creating a Russian as a Foreign Language Online Course” and on the website “Partner Network of Pushkin Institute Centres”.
  • Attendees of professional development courses create unique online courses which enter the Contest.
  • The contest entries are posted in the MOOC SUSU system.
  • Each work submitted for the competition is assessed by three members of the Contest Committee in each nomination. The scores are added up and recorded in a nomination protocol, which is signed by the Chair of the Contest Committee.
  • Links to the contest entries for public Internet voting can be found on the website “Partner Network of Pushkin Institute Centres” (
  • To assess the contest entries, people who want to take part in the public online voting follow the link of MOOC SUSU system, where they familiarise themselves with the posted courses and fill in the assessment forms.
  • The public voting is held within 14 consecutive days from the date of posting links.

  • The results of public voting are added up and a winner is identified.


  • All contestants receive electronic certificates certifying their participation in the competition.
  • There is one winner in each nomination.
  • The Contest winners are approved at the regular meeting of the Organising Committee. The reсtor’s order is issued with reference to an excerpt from the minutes.
  • The Contest results are published on the website of Partner Network of Pushkin Institute Centres, as well as in the news section on the University’s website and in mass media.
  • The Contest winners and runners up are awarded certificates and prizes.
  • Contestants with the largest number of votes from the online public voting receive a People’s Choice Award.