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Phonetics Correctional Course for Chinese Speakers

One of the key features of the present-day development of language pedagogy is an active introduction of information technologies with the aim of creating an integrated computer-based learning environment, whereby students immerse themselves in the environment of a studied language and their communicative competence is being developed more effectively.

The target audience of phonetics introductory courses: international students who are not familiar with Russian phonetics and who have never studied Russian. No age limit.

The target audience of correctional courses: international students with A2 (Waystage) Russian proficiency level, students who can read in Russian and know the basics of Russian grammar. These courses are for those who want to improve their pronunciation. No age limit.
The phonetics introductory course is aimed at forming skills of pronouncing and recognising Russian sounds.

The correctional course is aimed at improving skills of pronouncing and recognising Russian sounds, including those that cause greater difficulties among international students.


Upon completion of the phonetics introductory course the students will be able to:

  1. pronounce correctly and recognise Russian sounds, including sounds that cause greater difficulties. For example, for Chinese speakers these are sounds [Р], [Л], [Ы], as well as distinguish voiced and voiceless consonants
  2. master the correct pronunciation of polysyllabic words, master the rhythm of Russian words
  3. distinguish intonation patterns of Russian speech; understand the meaning of phrases pronounced with different intonation

Upon completion of the correctional course the students will be able to:

  1. recognise and pronounce correctly Russian words, word groups and phrases that cause difficulties among international students
  2. pronounce correctly sound combinations, including adjacent words
  3. choose a correct intonation pattern depending on the purpose of communication

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