In the Institute of Architecture and Construction, I have taken Russian classes and major-specific courses for two months. I liked studying at SUSU, and we had good lecturers. Also, I was amazed by the greenery on campus. I started learning Russian two years ago, and now I am planning to […]


Most of all, at the Summer School I liked learning Russian, because I have long been interested in it and I think it is not difficult. In the dormitory, I read poems of Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin and sometimes listen to Russian songs, for example, Katyusha. Russia is a big and […]


I came here to study Russian. I think that the language is interesting, but very difficult! I often watch Russian movies, they are interesting and thought provoking. In the future, I would like to be an engineer, for this reason I have decided to attend the Summer School of the […]


In the Summer School held at SUSU, in addition to major-specific courses, I studied Russian. I was eager to pass an exam and get enrolled in the Institute of Architecture and Construction, as in the future I want to be an engineer. I liked living in a hall of residence. […]


I attended the Summer School organised by the Institute of Architecture and Construction, where I studied Russian and major-specific disciplines. It was really useful for me. I enjoyed my stay in Russia and in the future I would like to teach Russian in China.


I like the Russian literature and culture. I enjoyed living in Chelyabinsk, because it is very beautiful here! Having completed the Summer School at SUSU, I can say that the University provides a good opportunity to study Russian and do major courses.